Create beautiful mobile apps with HTML5.

The only html5 platform that delivers true native performance.


Steroids brings together the web technologies you love, and makes them even more powerful.

Steroids extends PhoneGap with native performance, and a complete workflow.

Steroids is 100% compatible with PhoneGap Plugins.


Develop in real-time on your device

Add Native Navigation & Animations

Snap-in common features with add-ons

Instantly share with clients and colleagues

Build in the cloud and distribute


Develop real-time on your device.

AppGyver Scanner is a pre-compiled PhoneGap companion app for Steroids. It dynamically delivers HTML5 project assets to your device as you make changes to your code. And, it works seamlessly with simulators.

Try it for yourself on your device.

  1. Grab the scanner below or search for "AppGyver Scanner" in the App Store, or on Google Play.

  2. Scan the QR code to get the kitchen sink running.

Extend your UI with Native Navigation & Animations.

Access native user interface components and animations in your HTML5 app via a simple JavaScript API. With Steroids you can use multi-page architecture to enhance performance and achieve consistent user interface behavior.

Use managed add-ons to quickly enable features you want.

While Steroids has full support for PhoneGap plugins, we knew extensions could be much better. Add-ons are high-quality integrations to third party services that just work. They are fully maintained by AppGyver and super easy to use.

Instantly share with clients & colleagues.

Forget about mobile provisioning profiles and certificates. Using a QR code you can instantly share your app with anyone anywhere in the world. Your clients and colleagues will see changes to the app as you make them.

Build and distribute to iOS and Android without Xcode or Eclipse.

With Steroids, you’ll never have to maintain a native code base or compile your app with Xcode / Eclipse. Simply request a build from the cloud build-service and your app is ready for distribution.

What else do you get from Steroids?


Scaffold new features such as data-driven views, AngularJS resources and Cordova API examples, with customizable templates.


Recreate bug states easily with multi-page architecture (MPA). With your views broken down into different HTML documents, app-management becomes simple.


Unit tests ensure every aspect of your app is working, without having to second guess yourself.


We believe in Angular. All of our generators use AngularJS right out of the box. And with our soon-to-launch Steroids Data, Angular with Steroids is just going to get better.


Sensible defaults mean beautiful apps. All of our apps and generators use the Ionic framework because we think your ideas deserve to look beautiful.


No need to compile with Xcode or Eclipse. Steroids apps consist of purely HTML5 assets which keep them light, and agile.

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