A cross-platform IDE made for building, testing and distributing hybrid apps for iOS and Android


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Pain-free Hybrid App Development

Steroids2 is built to keep out of your way and maximize your productivity. All the classical pain points of hybrid app development are solved and streamlined – and what's best, the tools work both with traditional Single-Page App projects as well as Supersonic's Multi-Page Apps.

  • Powerful CLI and browser GUI combo ensures maximum usability
  • New project generation with great defaults for SPA and MPA
  • Grunt tasks for templates, SASS, CoffeeScript and more
  • Dependency management with Bower
  • Integrated iOS Simulator and Android emulator
  • Debug both iOS and Android apps with a real Web Inspector
  • Cross-platform error and debug logging
  • Build your app for Google Play and Apple App Store in the cloud, no Xcode or Android Studio required
  • Built and tested to work on OS X, Windows and Linux

Features you didn't know you need

We're pushing the envelope with Steroids2 and solving problems that have traditionally not been addressed by hybrid app platforms. Trust us, you'll love these.

  • Develop and preview your app in real time with the AppGyver Scanner companion app and Steroids Development Server
  • Integrated file watcher: just hit save to update and see changes on all devices
  • LiveReload support for even faster updates
  • Share your whole app online with just a QR code
  • Integrated Data Browser to manage Supersonic Data

Steroids works great with


Develop in real time on multiple devices

Waiting for code changes to be reflected on your test devices can be excruciating. That's why Steroids never requires you to do a full binary recompile after making changes.

Instead, you connect the AppGyver Scanner app with the Steroids Development Server running on your computer. When the integrated file watcher detects a change, only the project HTML5 assets are sent over to the device. The app reloads itself without restarting the binary. It's blazing fast.

What's more, you can enable the LiveReload feature. In this mode, the HTML5 assets are served directly from your computer. Changes trigger views to refresh themselves individually with the latest content. Blink and you won't notice it.

PhoneGap: Requires Xcode/Android Studio to re-compile app after every change.

Ionic: Requires Xcode/Android Studio for initial compilation, changes to files are updated automatically. Fundamental changes require full app re-compile.


Dead simple distribution for you and your clients

Sharing your app with clients or colleagues for testing and comments can be a huge time consumer. Creating the necessary development certificates and provisioning profiles isn't easy, and the same tools don't always work on both iOS and Android.

Steroids lets you forget about all that. When you deploy your app to AppGyver Cloud, we generate an unique share URL for you. The URL contains a QR code that can be scanned by anyone with the AppGyver Scanner app – so a small download from the App Store or Google Play is all that is required for anyone, anywhere in the world to view and use your app. Updating the cloud-deployed version happens with the push of a button, so everyone will always have the latest version, no hassle.

PhoneGap: Sharing your app requires you to send out the actual app binary. On iOS, the target device also needs to be included in the app's provisioning profile.

Ionic: No improvements over PhoneGap.


AppGyver Build Service

To create a stand-alone or App Store build for your app, you need to have Xcode or Android Studio set up perfectly – and hope that they can be installed on your OS. And even though there are cloud Build Services, existing cloud solutions cost money, limit avilable plugins and don't support all build types.

The AppGyver Build Service is free and works on any OS. It supports any custom PhoneGap plugin, and allows you to create both stand-alone and App Store builds.

Set up your app's build configuration in the Build Service once, and you can request as many builds as you need with the push of a button.

PhoneGap: Only one private app allowed on the free plan (25 with paid plan). Available plugins limited to a curated whitelist.

Ionic: Unofficial support for PhoneGap's build service, no improvements over PhoneGap.


Remote debugging

Debugging hybrid apps has been a major pain point, with no consistently performing debugging tools available.

Steroids gives you access to both the Safari and Chrome Remote Web Inspectors, so you can easily debug both iOS and Android apps. Launching the debuggers is streamlined – on iOS, you can even choose the target view directly from a drop-down menu.

What's more, thanks to the Crosswalk runtime included with the AppGyver Wrapper, remote debugging is available on all Android versions from 4.0 up – not just version 4.4 up, like with other platforms.

PhoneGap: No official debugging tools or integrations. Android debugging available only on OS version 4.4 up.

Ionic: No improvements over PhoneGap.

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