$0 / month

  • Full platform in all of it's wonderful glory
  • Unlimited applications
  • Support forums
  • Free forever

AppGyver Additions &
Cloud Services


$199 / year

  • Fully managed and always up-to-date
  • Easy-to-use, a few lines of JS
  • Top notch AppGyver style support


$20 / month

  • Update app assets without app store re-submission
  • A/B testing and continuous integration with App Stores


$50 / month

  • All tools required for professional collaboration
  • Versioning, commits and analytics
  • Mange users from a handy dashboard


let's talk

  • Phone and online support
  • Co-development and consulting
  • Turnkey development of native extensions

Free forever? What’s the meaning of this?

We provide our base platform including the cloud build service, for free. This is our promise.

How do we make money and why, ‘free during beta’?

We make our money by providing additional cloud and support services. During beta, we are offering most our cloud services for free. The cloud build service will, however, stay free even after the beta period.

As time continues we will continue adding cloud services such as Steroids Add-ons, as well as integrated premium third party services. The base platform will stay free.

Do you provide refunds?

You may cancel your AppGyver subscription at any time. If you do this more than seven days in advance of your next billing period, your next subscription fee will not be applied. AppGyver does not currently provide refunds on transactions that have already taken place.

So I can develop my apps all the way to production for no charge at all?

Yep, that’s how we roll. We think that developers should be able to enjoy the full benefit of the AppGyver development cycle without having to pay, no restrictions. We want to see as many apps published on the AppGyver platform as you have ideas. That means, we will only ever charge for services that offer additional value to the app-lifecycle and to your ability to maintain them and make money yourself.

Are my apps and their source code secure?

Cloud deployed apps (with $ steroids deploy) are only accessible via a secret URL, and even then, your source code is safe. We do offer private cloud functionality for enterprises who want extra control over cloud deploys, tester groups etc.