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Hybrid vs Native

Hybrid apps combine the best of both worlds: Native performance and distribution with the flexibility and ease of HTML5 development.

The market leader in hybrid apps is PhoneGap. The promise of PhoneGap is great. However, for a long time hybrid apps have been considered a compromise when comparing to fully native apps. Many have experienced their PhoneGap apps feeling sluggish. It's almost impossible to reach performance of real native apps.

That's why we created Steroids.

PhoneGap vs Steroids

Steroids builds on top of PhoneGap and finally fixes the performance. We have spent almost 8 man years working hard on the performance issues, and we've finally cracked it. Best of all: Steroids is fully backwards compatible with PhoneGap. PhoneGap plugins work directly with Steroids.

What Steroids means to the future of HTML5 Hybrid Apps?

For the first time, developers are able to create HTML5-based apps that feel native. It's a game changer. Finally, the promises set by early HTML5 wrappers are being delivered.

Future of Steroids

Steroids is fully ready for production use. It's been battle tested with various high performing apps in the app store. However, we're only getting started. We currently support iOS and Android, and are in the process of bringing the same performance improvements for other platforms. In near future Steroids will have add even more APIs for data, connected apps, authentication, synchronization.

And we will surely push the performance even further.

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