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Device Features & Sensors

Camera, GPS, Accelerometer, Push Notifications and QR Code Scanner – all available to your app with the ease of drag'n drop. Need something custom? Extend the functionality with React Native Plugins.

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Native Cross-Platform Apps

Your apps will work in both iOS and Android, as well as Responsive Web Apps (in beta) from a single code base. If you want, you can fine-tune the experience for each platform easily, without duplicating any code.

High Performance Runtime

Composer3's client technology is based on the powerful and highly popular React Native. This assures high performance native applications without compromise. Composer3 also adds easy controls for performance optimization.

Navigation and Routing

Tabs, drawer, modals, alerts and page transitions. Composer provides built-in support for platform consistent UI navigation paradigms for every platform. The page transitions in your iOS app and the tab bar selector in your Android app look exactly like they should – in their native environment.

One more thing....

Designed for data

The world runs around data, and so do your apps. Composer 3 is designed to handle the most sophisticated needs of dealing with data.

  • Cache and offline

    An important aspect of mobile apps is connectivity, and the handling of offline usage gracefully. With Composer 3's local storage features, data queue components and connectivity status access, it's easy to implement your custom offline strategies.

Offline Support

AppGyver Manifesto

When we were young, we used to watch the TV series MacGyver at awe. To those not familiar with the series, the hero of the show would innovate and solve problems with little to no resources in an action packed environment. Fast. Thrilling. Just in time. Using a paperclip to pick a lock, or somehow crafting a timebomb from just super glue and a timepiece. Crazy stuff.

Many of us hoped for that level of excitement and creativity in our daily lives as programmers. But too often it feels more like a replay of an old classic we’ve watched way too many times. Boilerplate code. Re-writing stuff we wrote 100 times. Googling for some usable reference code. Waiting for the build scripts to complete. And worst: not having enough time to perfect the feature that’s truly unique about our project.

AppGyver was founded to eliminate that waste, to bring back the excitement and creativity, and to help developers reach new heights by abstracting away the boring stuff.

It’s been a long journey, and after 4 years since our first release of Composer, we proudly present you with AppGyver Composer 3. We believe it’s the most advanced visual programming platform ever built. But that’s just the beginning. We hope you will join us on our mission.

We can’t wait to see what you build!

- Marko Lehtimäki Founder, AppGyver

The new era of open visual development.

With great features and intuitive design, Composer 3 is built to help you be even more productive. Spend more time on what makes your app great and less on the boring stuff. Click sign up its free!