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Drag & Drop Editor

Craft your application in minutes

Drag in components directly to the canvas and bind your data in a snap. You’ll be testing your first app before your colleagues finish setting up their project structure.

  • Drag-and-drop UI components
  • Pre-built modules
  • Native app performance
  • iOS, Android and web versions

create complex logic

Define app logic visually

Use a powerful visual logic editor to add functionality to your buttons, pages and components. Bind real-time data to your views. Create custom forms and navigation flows.

  • Draw logic chains and test them out immediately
  • Use variables and conditional logic
  • Utilize native capabilities like camera and location
  • Tap into extensive APIs for data, UI and more

thorough extendability

Extend with custom code

Build and reuse HTML5 UI components and custom JavaScript actions in the browser, in real time. Share what you’ve built with your company or friends. We promise there will never be a moment you feel stuck.

  • Extend your app: UI, backend, integrations, authentication
  • Use HTML5 and JavaScript
  • Designed to work with AngularJS and Ionic frameworks
  • All extensions are modular and reusable
  • Use your custom PhoneGap Plugins

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Use any business data

Seamlessly integrated data

Build databases on the fly to collect and manage new data. Connect any existing source: API, database or your company’s ERP. With your data integrated the way you want, you’ll have an entirely new arsenal of ways to mobilize your systems and build innovation.

  • Integrate a RESTful API to your app in a couple of minutes
  • Craft and deploy new databases in the cloud with drag-and-drop ease
  • Built-in connectors to databases, cloud services and legacy systems
  • Rapidly create custom connectors over any protocol
  • Utilize webhooks to bring in your data easily from any external services

Complete MBAAS

Fully integrated mobile backend

Create all your application’s backend logic as rapidly as the user interface. Utilize our powerful rule engine to automate any business processes.

  • Build if-this-then-that style backend rules
  • Utilize platform services like push notifications and SMS confirmations
  • Communicate with other systems and services seamlessly
  • Extend with JavaScript and run your own algorithms
  • Create sophisticated workflows with BPM diagrams

Designed for Security

Enterprise-grade access control

Our platform is designed to serve the highest requirements of security and control. From user authentication to fine-grained data permissions, we’ve got you covered.

  • Built-in authentication options from managed users to open access
  • Support for LDAP / Active Directory out of the box
  • Create custom authentication and identity support rapidly
  • Powerful permissions controls at resource, record and column level

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