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AppGyver Black

Digital Transformation redefined with the world's first professional no-code platform. Experience the next-generation software development productivity combined with world-class security and governance features.

Dedicated build service

Get new standalone builds faster without having to wait in line with regular users


Advanced access controls for your organization’s apps. Includes read-only app access for testers.


Custom Service-Level Agreement tailored for your organization. Get the support you need for your mission-critical apps.

enterprise cloud

AppGyver Black customers utilize our high-availability enterprise cloud for their app development.

Multi-region enterprise cloud

AppGyver Black enterprise cloud is available in the region you require.
Ensure GDPR compliance EU cloud.

Integrate with all your systems

AppGyver Black's cloud integration capabilities make it easy to build modern software on top of your legacy systems.

Enterprise-only features also include

Release management

  • Control your development flow
  • Separate release targets for development, testing and production
  • Continue working on your app while others provide feedback
  • Maintain clarity on what’s been released to your users
  • Roll back to older releases to discard unwanted changes

Multi-language support

  • Configure text translations with a dedicated UI
  • Add an unlimited number of supported languages for your app
  • Set currently selected language with a dedicated flow function
  • Access available languages and currently selected language via system variables

Team management

  • Share access to apps across different developer accounts in your organization
  • Edit the same app simultaneously with your team members
  • Saved changes appear instantly for other developers

Custom plugin development

  • Request new native features from the AppGyver team
  • Ensure functionality for your specific use case
  • Billed separately on a time and materials basis

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Eero Aarnio
CTO, Fingrid Oyj

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Maintenance for Finland's national high-voltage power grid

  • Works fully offline and online
  • Database of over 1 million records synced seamlessly between the device and Fingrid's IBM Maximo® backend
  • Native maps integration with custom tilesets and vector layers
  • Native iOS and Android tablet apps
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