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Writing result-oriented ad copy is difficult, as it must appeal to, entice, and convince consumers.

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Writing result-oriented ad copy is difficult, as it must appeal to, entice, and convince consumers.

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Writing result-oriented ad copy is difficult, as it must appeal to, entice, and convince consumers.

Careers at AppGyver

How to exit Vim

Solving the hard problems, so others don't have to

At AppGyver, we are building a next-gen no-code platform to forever change the way modern apps are built.

Our mission is to create a visual development environment that’s more powerful, productive and easy to use than anything out there – including traditional IDEs and SDKs. The apps our platform produces should be indistinguishable from handcrafted React Native or React web apps in terms of performance, features and configurability, and work seamlessly across all platforms – without writing a single line of code.

All of this requires insanely deep tech, which we’ve built over the past years and continue to push to the next level. We’ve proven the hardest part – that what we’re describing above really works in practice, with thousands of great apps already built – but there’s still plenty of inspiring problems to solve, including an entire no-code backend product that’s not yet released.

The overwhelming feedback from all around is that we have a superior technology and product compared to anyone in the no-code space, and we plan to keep it that way. Come and join us on that journey as we continue to push the limits and build a global community around it.

What's in it for me?

We’re looking for senior developers (and future superstars) to join us in quite literally changing the way the world builds software.

Your work on the Composer Pro product will affect hundreds of thousands of people. Every day, you will see everyone from new startups to large enterprises use the technology you’ve crafted to build and innovate things that were previously impossible. Check out https://blog.appgyver.com for examples of some of the apps people have built since our release last April – most without any programming background.

One of the most exciting aspects of AppGyver is our developer community. Consisting of both newbies and seasoned coders, it is an extremely engaged, fast-growing group that continues to contribute back to the platform. In our next phase, we plan to open a public marketplace, where anyone in the community can publish their own components, templates and other extensions to the platform.

We develop the product hand-in-hand with the community: when a new feature is rolled out, the feedback is instantaneous. People are extremely grateful for what we’re enabling them to achieve, and you can feel the impact of every line of code you write, day to day.

Finally, after succeeding to build the product many thought was impossible, the community has been astonished that we are providing it for free to indie developers and small companies. This has been our vision from the beginning: to democratize the way software is built and to make sure that anyone in the world can use our product, while we focus commercially on the larger enterprise customers. The model is proving wildly successful, and we believe we have every chance of becoming the de facto standard for no-code in the years to come.

Let’s put a dent in the universe together.

Solving merge conflicts

Solving merge conflicts

General qualifications

You have a track record for building and shipping great software.

You are passionate about getting things done and moving fast, but you know when to take your time and e.g. call for a meeting to clarify specifications or nail the architecture just right. You are comfortable taking a feature from design state to production on your own, and you’re an equally great team player.

You are confident working with multiple abstraction layers and large products. You always think several steps ahead, and seek to minimize the negative implications your design and architectural choices might have down the road.

We do not care about your degrees or years of experience, only that you are able to demonstrate your professional capability to deliver outstanding code craftsmanship, great attitude, and that you are excited for the ongoing no-code revolution. 

All positions are full-time and suitable for remote work in the European timezones. We also have offices in Helsinki Finland, and you’re welcome to work from there too as the pandemic gets under control.

Solving merge conflicts

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Senior frontend developer

You have a firm professional grip on React and the modern JavaScript web development ecosystem. You have built sophisticated user interfaces and know how to write maintainable, well-architected code.

The tools you build will simultaneously be used by seasoned developers to get a productivity boost and craft very complex software, and by non-developers taking their first steps into building apps. This presents a unique design challenge, and as such, experience building developer tools specifically is a bonus.

Eye for developer/user experience is appreciated, though it’s not a requirement – you will be working with UI/UX designers and the product management team to get the features you build just right.

This position can be expanded to include backend work.

Senior backend developer

You have a deep understanding on how the modern cloud works, having both a solid DevOps skill set and being able to architecture and code backends that scale by design to millions of users.

Working with both the backend infrastructure for our tooling and our no-code BaaS product’s runtime, you will solve hard abstraction problems, relentlessly optimize performance and craft architectures that can be expanded upon for years to come.

We work with Node.js, Lua, and Docker, with some of the infrastructure running on Ruby on Rails. However, your general experience is more important than knowledge of specific languages or frameworks.

This position can be expanded to include frontend work.

Senior extension developer

As a senior extension developer, you will make it possible for Composer Pro users to utilize sophisticated native features, powerful JavaScript libraries and full third-party SDKs with unprecedented ease. With your help, days of integration work will be turned into minutes. Hundreds of thousands of developers will be able to build better apps faster because of your direct contributions.

You will design, implement and maintain the Composer-specific abstraction layers around the code-level plugin/SDK/library APIs we support, turning all their features into drag-and-droppable UI and logic components. This includes ensuring everything works as seamlessly as possible across all the platforms we support, while at the same time leveraging platform-specific features to their full extent.

You have a firm professional grip on both React and React Native. Experience contributing to or maintaining open source software is a plus, as is iOS/Android native development experience.

Something else?

Want to join the story and bring your expertise to the table, but nothing above quite fits? No worries – we are happy to receive an open application too. Just tell us what you're excellent at and passionate about, and we will take it from there.

Solving merge conflicts

Throwback to pre-pandemic times (office octopus has stayed healthy and safe)

How to apply

Send an email with a brief cover letter, your CV and a link to GitHub/other portfolio to our Chief Product Officer at harri.sarsa@appgyver.com.

We expect you to have tried out the product and to have some opinions on it. :)