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There's an App Revolution Coming

The enterprise mobility revolution is changing the way work is done in very tangible ways. In the coming years, there will be a demand for millions of purpose-built apps for businesses around the world. Coding these apps from scratch will be too resource intensive, and at the same time, the established Rapid Mobile App Development platforms have multiple weaknesses: performance issues, limited extendibility, vendor lock-ins – and plain bad design.

With AppGyver, you will get to work on transforming the way apps are developed. Our platform combines a fast and powerful visual tool with a full Mobile-Backend-as-a-Service offering, allowing developers to get 90% of their business-critical apps done in hours.

This will let developers savor the last 10%: the fun part, the unique features in the app. There are code extension points on all levels, allowing devs to focus their finest engineering craftsmanship on where it matters. The end result is apps that are fun to develop and a delight to use; apps that produce tangible business results, fast.

Where Are We Now?

We’ve got a world-class team of 25. Our main location is in Helsinki, Finland, where we have a 400+ m2 space at Merimiehenkatu 36, conveniently located in the same building as Kaffa Roastery. We also have a downtown location in San Francisco, at RocketSpace.

We’re gaining traction fast, and our customer base is growing at an increasing pace. Our technological foundation (built over the last 6 years) is rock-solid, as is our roadmap. We have numerous exciting new technologies bubbling in the labs.

We Offer

  • An awesome opportunity to make an impact and really help shape the future of AppGyver, as we enter our fastest growth period yet
  • Workspace ergonomy: a sturdy chair, an external Thunderbolt display, a height-adjustable desk, and other accessories you might need
  • Competitive compensation, including stock options
  • Your own iPhone/Android and MacBook Pro
  • A passionate, professional, off-the-wall team that cares about both fun and quality
  • Lunch benefit, premium coffee and plenty of snacks at the office
  • Flexible hours and paid vacation time

Open Business Positions

Please send your applications to We promise an opportunity to work with exciting business cases from companies large and small, with room to grow into leadership positions in your area of expertise.

Growth Marketing Manager (Helsinki, Finland)

AppGyver is seeking a highly motivated, entrepreneurial-minded growth marketing manager to maximize the company’s presence in selected markets, both in conventional and unconventional ways. You’re an exceptional individual, a combination of strategic thinker and hands-on executioner who gets things done. You will play a key role in developing and executing AppGyver’s marketing strategy on multiple fronts, all aiming to get more qualified leads into the sales funnel.

With a growth hacker mentality and a constant cycle of analytical try-measure-learn iteration, you will find any and all channels to bring the correct message in front of the right people.

Some of the things you will be working on include

  • Grow AppGyver’s online and offline presence
  • Develop and nurture AppGyver’s overall voice and brand
  • Increase and maintain the audience for AppGyver’s social media presence
  • Execute on PR initiatives, for both traditional and online-only media
  • Iterate the message on our website and other forward-facing online properties
  • Perform A/B testing on our inbound funnel
  • Orchestrate the production of content for case studies, press releases, newsletters, social media campaigns, brochures, trade shows, and other outlets

We’re looking for you if you

  • A creative, growth hacker approach to maximizing the results of marketing initiatives
  • Energy and execution capability to lead many different kinds of marketing efforts
  • Track record of success using PR and/or communications to elevate brand awareness and drive inbound interest
  • Hands on experience building and growing online audiences, for blogs and social networking platforms including Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills, both written and verbal
  • A self-motivated and results-oriented mindset
  • Native Finnish and fluent English skills

Extra points if you have

  • Copywriting/editing experience, especially in IT-related subjects
  • Design skills and vision
  • Ability to produce distribution-ready graphical content
  • Experience with SEO/SEM, display ads, retargeting etc
  • Experience with Enterprise IT

Sales Manager (Helsinki, Finland)

Are you a Hunter with strong negotiation skills? Do you have the ability to influence the decision-making process while building strong relationships with CIOs and CDOs? Do you want to join a rapidly-growing startup that has successfully scaled to high growth on a European level? Do you want to work with a product that answers to the exact pain points of the largest companies, with a majority of all sales meetings moving to the qualified opportunity pipeline?

You will be responsible for producing sales proposals and presentations to new business prospects, building and maintaining customer relationships, and negotiating deals with large clients in a high-paced environment.

Some of the things you will be working on include

  • Actively driving and growing the sales pipeline and activities to meet the sales budget
  • Being responsible for enterprise license-based sales
  • Building and maintaining relationships with C-level executives
  • Educating customers on the changing digitalization landscape
  • Attending trade shows and other marketing events

We’re looking for you if you

  • Proven capability to meet your sales goals/quota on a consistent monthly, quarterly and annual basis
  • Confidence leading C-level presentations, including creating and delivering content
  • A self-motivated, try-things-out-on-your-own and simply-get-things-done attitude
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Native Finnish and fluent English skills

Extra points if you have

  • Direct sales experience coupled with a strong background building relationships with large and medium sized IT Enterprise customers
  • Experience in ROI based selling
  • Understanding of the mobile and/or web application development landscape

Open Developer Positions

Send your application to We promise awesome challenges and the opportunity to grow into a leadership position in one or more areas of the product.

As a new member of our development team, we expect you to have:

  • Holistic approach to problem-solving
  • Attitude to always deliver
  • Mindset of constant improvement and learning
  • Passion for your craft

We know artisan engineering is not about years of experience with specific technologies; it’s more about possessing the qualities listed above. Mastery of everything in our platform is not essential.

To give you an idea of our stack, some of the technologies and services we use include AngularJS, SASS, Node.js, ES6, TypeScript, Ruby on Rails, Heroku, Docker, PostgreSQL, AWS, MongoDB, Redis, web components, and much more. We’re also happy to hear your recommendations on the best tools for the job.

App Developer (Helsinki, Finland)

You will be working in our Professional Services unit, delivering consultation and turn-key app projects for our customers using the AppGyver Platform toolset. While most of the app can be constructed visually, you will code any missing components with HTML5. The pace is fast; projects typically last only some tens of hours with even shorter cycles for customer feedback.

We’re looking for you if you

  • Have at least junior-level understanding of HTML5, with knowledge of at least one modern frontend framework
  • Love crafting great user experiences
  • Speak and write fluent English

Extra points if you have

  • Experience with mobile app design
  • Experience with coding mobile apps (especially hybrid HTML5)
  • Worked on agile software projects
  • UI/graphical design skills
  • Fluent oral and written Finnish skills

Senior Developer (Helsinki, Finland)

AppGyver's visual low-code platform is transforming the way enterprises around the world build and deliver mobile/web app projects.

You will be working with a very cool and complex stack of technology developed over the past 6 years. We have a very solid roadmap, and many parts of our platform are due for a version 2.0 upgrade/rewrite. We want you to take ownership of a part of the platform that interests you, and lead its development to the next level.

Let us know what you'd like to work with, and we'll craft the perfect position for you.

To paint you a picture of the opportunities available, the key components of our platform are listed below.


The visual builder lets you create and configure with drag-and-drop all aspects of an app: UI, navigation, frontend and backend logic, backend services, data integrations, user authentication, business automation rules, notifications, app delivery, users, permissions and much more. App UI is crafted with our own proprietary builder, while data integrations and backend/frontend logic utilize a fork of IBM's Node-RED.

Additionally, HTML5/JavaScript extension points are available on all levels, and everything you code can be packaged into reusable components. The components can then be collected into shareable libraries.

It is built with Ruby on Rails, Angular 1 and Node.js, though we are looking at e.g. Vue.js, web components, ES6 and other cutting-edge stuff for the next evolution.


Our data layer is a on-prem-deployable middleware/proxy component. It handles all the data traffic between the mobile/web client and master data sources (DBs/APIs/legacy services). It also includes a GraphQL engine, so client apps need only make a single HTTP request to get all the data they need.

There are also a service layer to create services that can be triggered by automation rules or user interaction (like sending an SMS or a push notification, generating a PDF report, performing calculations, rendering a graph etc).

An auth layer handles the client login process, allowing any kind of custom authentication to be developed for the client apps. User permissions are also handled here, in conjunction with the data layer.

An automation engine listens to events happening in all apps, and based on defined triggers (such as data record created) fires actions, in a Zapier/IFTTT fashion.

All of the middleware components are built with Ruby on Rails and TypeScript, and deployed to Heroku with a Docker option for on-prem/private cloud deployment.


Our client apps use our proprietary, Cordova-based native wrapper on iOS/Android and Ruby on Rails on web, with our proprietary Ionic-based Supersonic framework combined with Angular 1 powering the HTML5 side of things. Here, we are planning a move to Ionic 2. An important component is also our Supersonic Data library, which handles the communications between the data layer from the client side, and includes things like ACL/session support, data sync across devices, file uploads, local caching and more. Full offline support is also another major engineering feat to tackle in the near future.


When developing an app with the visual builder, a proprietary JSON format is constructed that contains page structure, component configurations, logic etc. This is used to create the HTML5 version of the app, which is then served via the Ruby on Rails app, or packaged into the mobile app format. Our companion app can then download the HTML5 files and configuration of the app, and display it in the native container. This circumvents the need for constant binary builds while developing.

In addition, our cloud build service runs Xcode/Android Studio on Mac Minis. Users can configure the necessary certificates, assets and provisioning profiles in our cloud, after which new binary builds can be requested at will.

The app delivery services are built with Ruby on Rails and Node.js.


Of course, all this requires databases (PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis), logging, error and uptime monitoring, automated deployments, working with IaaS (AWS, Google Cloud) and PaaS (Heroku) providers and generally everything required to run a modern, world-class SaaS business.

Skills and Requirements

You are a grade-A performer, looking to play NHL hockey instead of slumming it with the minor leagues. You know how to write great software using modern technologies. You have an attitude to always deliver and a holistic approach to problem solving. You are a true, passionate software craftsman, proud of your work in the best Juhla Mokka spirit.

You understand that a component running in production is infinitely more valuable than one sitting on your laptop. When faced with a problem, you come up with a solution and implement it, circumventing any obstacles that come up. You don't shy from asking advice when truly necessary, and you know when to take a step back to plan more. When the dust has settled and the end result is gone through together, you have solid reasoning for the decisions you made. If a better solution is then collectively found, all the better.

While it's always great to have experience with the technologies we use, we believe software craftsmanship is more about communication, way of thinking, taste and solid work ethic. New languages can always be picked up. At the same time, if someone has worked with J2EE or LAMP for the past five years, that tells you a lot about the person.