Build apps visually,
extend with HTML5

Enterprise-grade, full-stack mobile app platform:
frontend, backend and middleware.

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Companies that trust AppGyver technology

IBM Starbucks Disney TBWAI Intel DELL Deloitte Intuit


Drag-and-drop UI editor

From blank canvas to app on your phone, in minutes
  • Craft your UI with libraries of drag-and-drop components
  • Start with a blank page or a one-click CRUD scaffold
  • Define page structure and navigation visually
  • Install modules to bring in more complex features
  • Customizable properties: fine-tune function and form
  • Publish changes with a click
  • Instantly test your app on real devices
From blank canvas to app on your phone, in minutes

One-click data binding

Use real business data in your app without coding
  • Visually bind local and backend data to your app UI
  • Create custom forms and other input types for your data
  • Show data in lists, embedded maps, graphs and more
  • Make dynamic queries and combine multiple data sources
  • Apps auto-sync data with each other and the backend
Use real business data in your app without coding

complex logic without coding

Visually define your frontend functionalities
  • Uniquely powerful, visual frontend logic editor
  • Hook actions to button taps, page loads and more
  • Update app UI and data based on user actions
  • Use variables and conditional logic
  • Draw complex logic chains and test them out immediately
  • Access native capabilities like camera and location
Visually define your frontend functionalities

Package Management done right

Extend limitlessly with shared component libraries
  • Code reusable UI and logic components with HTML5
  • Package components into libraries for easy management
  • Install new libraries from the community marketplace
  • Share what you’ve created with others
  • Build private libraries for use within your organization
Extend limitlessly with shared component libraries


Integrated MBAAS

The backend your app deserves
  • Each app automatically gets a full cloud backend
  • Craft and deploy new databases with drag-and-drop ease
  • One-click REST API integrations
  • Top-tier proxy between your apps and master data
  • Build if-this-then-that style automation rules
  • Platform services like push notifications and SMS
  • Create sophisticated workflows with BPM diagrams
  • Effortless app distribution, from field testing to app stores

Next generation data integrations

Introducing AppGyver Cloud Mesh
  • NodeJS-based cloud code environment for your app
  • Visually define data integrations and backend logic
  • Add custom JavaScript code where needed
  • Ready-made connectors to DBs, SaaS and legacy systems
  • Easily flatten, combine and otherwise modify data
  • Create branching logic, calculations, pollers and more
  • Reuse data integrations and cloud code across apps
Introducing AppGyver Cloud Mesh

Designed for Security

Enterprise-grade user and access control
  • Designed to serve the highest security requirements
  • Built-in auth options from managed users to open access
  • Support for LDAP / Active Directory out of the box
  • Custom auth and identity support with Cloud Mesh
  • Full access controls at resource, record and column level

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Enterprise-grade user and access control

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