Incident Reporting,
now at the speed of mobile.

User: Report and React in Real-Time

  • Create and submit reports directly from the field
  • Fully customizable forms and checklists
  • Instantly trigger notifications to field supervisors and techs
  • Attach images of incidents, broken machinery or accidents
  • Get notifications when reports are submitted
  • Works on iOS, Android and web
Incident Reporting, now at the speed of mobile

Admin: Schedule, Allocate, Track

  • Respond to incidents immediately
  • Organize and delegate tasks and work orders
  • Full visibility to the status of all ongoing incidents
  • Contextual discussion on tracked issues
  • Attach manuals and documents to ongoing issues
  • Manage notification receipients and recipient groups
  • Set and track deadlines for work orders
  • Display hazard areas on shared maps
  • Manage via web or mobile
Admin: Schedule, Allocate, Track


We’ll demo the app and how easy it is to customize and connect.

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See the Incident Reporting app in action

See the Incident Reporting app in action

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Customizable apps, more than just Incident Reporting

Incident Reporting is important and the changing times means companies can tackle issues in workplace incidents head-on and in real-time. Paper processes and Excel are still prevalent and still pose the biggest opponents to adoption of mobile apps in the Enterprise.

We’re aiming to change that by introducing flexibility and proliferation throughout the workforce in mobile incident reporting apps. By letting companies take charge of how their apps work, and making sure every worker has access to their incident apps, you’ll find yourself configuring more apps to fill more specific needs.



All of our apps available for large-scale deployment within your Enterprise or for white-labeling.

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