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Get started fast, expand as you grow.

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Get started fast, expand as you grow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements and options for private cloud and on premise deployments?

There are multiple ways to deploy Composer onto private cloud or on premise setups. Please read our Composer Architecture and Deployment Options white paper for a thorough overview.

Are there any limitations on storage, API calls, traffic, etc?

In the vast majority of use cases, we do not impose any limits on storage, API calls or traffic. If or when storage and API calls become an issue, we offer the option to run private servers to serve apps.

What's the contract and billing period?

We bill on an annual basis.

Can I resell/monetize my app?

Absolutely – please contact sales to discuss more.

How many developers can use the platform on your plans?

We do not limit the number of developers.