Composer Platform Pricing

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Get started fast.

3 apps: $899 / month


Scale up your app creation.

10 apps: $1999 / month


Everything you need for your mobile strategy.

Any number of apps:
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do paid plans offer fewer apps?

You can create as many apps as you want on any plan. Our paid plans offer additional features for those apps you decide to upgrade to “advanced mode.” Each plan has a number of slots to be used for “advanced mode” apps. Organization plan, for example, has ten slots.

Can I upgrade and downgrade plans?

Certainly. If you're on a plan and you find you're not using all of your advanced mode app slots, you can downgrade at any time and won't be charged for your next billing period. Upgrading is equally easy.

What happens to my advanced mode apps if I downgrade?

If you downgrade to plan with fewer advanced mode app slots than you are using, you will need to archive some of your apps. Archived apps can be brought back online if you later decide to upgrade your plan again.

Can I change which apps are using advanced mode?

If you’re paying for any plan, you can promote or demote apps that are running in advanced mode. If you decide you no longer wish to use an app, simply demote it as an advanced mode app and you’ll free up a slot for another app.

What does it mean that my free is app has an 'AppGyver Ad'?

In free mode apps, there is a small text on the login screen, mentioning that the app was built with AppGyver Composer, and that an upgrade is required to remove this text.

What are the requirements and options for private cloud and on premise deployments?

There are multiple ways to deploy Composer onto private cloud or on premise setups. Please read our Composer Architecture and Deployment Options white paper for a thorough overview.

What's the contract and billing period?

We bill on a month-to-month basis. If you'd like to be billed annually, let us know and we can set it up.

Are there any limitations on storage, API calls, traffic, etc?

In the vast majority of use cases, we do not impose any limits on storage, API calls or traffic. If or when storage and API calls become an issue, we offer the option to run private servers to serve apps.

Can I resell/monetize my app?

Absolutely. We run a partnership program that offers support and training. For more information, see the partner page.

How many developers can use the platform on your plans?

We do not limit the number of developers.