Comments Module (03:11)

Collaborate around your data by adding Comments for each data record.

Video Transcript

In this episode I’m going to show you how you can make use of the comments module in your apps. As with most modules, how the comments module behaves depends on where you place it. When the module is used on the page for a single data record, the comments become associated with that record, whereas if you place it on the list page for your entire data resource, the comments will become associated with the entire list.

If I had a data resource for ‘Irish Whiskeys’ and wanted to comment on all irish whiskeys, I’d put the module on the list page. However, if I just want to comment on a single whiskey, I’d put it on the record details page. Finally, comments added as a stand-alone page would rather be used for for things like a chat board, or a conversation thread.

For today’s episode, I’ll be starting with a simple Mileage Reporting app I’ve created. But, if, say the accounting department wants clarification on something, there’s currently no way to ask questions that are directly tied to my records.

So, let’s take a look at how the app functions now. Here, I’ve got my app open. I’ve just finished a trip from Austin, Texas to San Fernando. I’ll quickly add the trip on my mobile device.

Turns out that someone in accounting is pretty sharp, and during her audit noticed the trip was longer than it should have been. The truth is, I took a detour to visit my aunt near Phoenix, which was a couple of hours off route. So, to make sure our accountant has a place to start a conversation, let’s add the comments module.

I’ll head to the Mileage Report Details page. This is where I’d see the data for a single record, which in this case, is a single mileage report. Here’s where I want to add comments. By adding comments to the details page, each individual mileage report will have their own comments section.

So, I’ll open up the module browser where I can see all of the modules available for this page type. Once it’s installed, it becomes available to be used throughout my app. Something like a WordPress plugin.

I’ll drag the module below the data entry details, and that’s it, we’re done. Let’s open the app on the mobile side, and see how it functions.

Now that I’ve logged in as our accountant, I can add my snide comment about the unaccounted for miles. Alright, so that’s an introduction to comments. Obviously, there’s a vast number of ways to utilize comments, from adding notes to incoming leads, to brainstorming about new products, to communicating with maintenance staff on repair orders.

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