Business Intelligence

Aggregate data from multiple sources, regardless of vendor or system used. Create mobile and web dashboards that give you access to critical business intelligence when you need it, in the format you want. Create automatic notifications and tasks based on thresholds and changes in the data to ensure everything is always running smoothly.

With Composer-built Business Intelligence apps, you get to stay on top of things, see the big picture and have complete visibility of your important business data, regardless of where it’s stored. This enables you to make smarter decisions, faster.


Salesforce Dashboard

Often key metrics are hidden away in different systems, and it’s hard to get a broad overview of things. This is especially relevant for upper management, who don’t have time to log into a system and dig around for the data they need. At the same time, composing and emailing manual reports is time consuming.

With Composer, you can easily bring in data from your Salesforce account and create a dashboard that shows a graph of sales over time.

Example App Features

  • View live sales data from Salesforce via a mobile and web app
  • Show custom graph of sales over time
How to build in 10 minutes

We start by connecting our app with our Salesforce organization. We choose which data we want to bring in: in this case, it’s Sales.

We then use the Graph module and attach it to our Sales resource. This automatically creates an app where we see an aggregation of sales for each month.

We could then go further by adding in rules for automatic notifications, different user groups and permissions for various kinds of sales data and so on.

Salesforce Dashboard
Other examples for this case

    Create different dashboards for different user groups, from individual teams to upper management.

    Visualize business data in new ways: e.g. as events on a calendar or locations on a map; and use those visualizations to access the individual data records.

    By connecting your app with legacy systems, you can instantly create various visualizations and metrics.