Business Processes

With Composer, you can easily create smart rules that can automate a lot of the manual work generated by business processes. The concept is simple: each automation rule consists of a trigger condition (e.g. task was completed) and an action to take (e.g. send out push notification). When the trigger condition is met, the attached action is automatically performed. What’s more, both triggers and actions can interact with external systems, so you can include existing software into your newly-automated process.


Document Reviews

Often business documents need to be reviewed by multiple people before they can be accepted and the process can move forwards. When handoffs are handled via email attachments or paper printouts, it quickly becomes difficult to track who’s looking at what.

With Composer, you can create a workflow that allows you to track a document review process involving multiple people, as well as notify people when their input is needed.

Example App Features

  • Upload documents that need review
  • Collect multiple documents under the same groupings
  • All relevant reviewers get push notifications or emails when their input is required
  • Automatic task creation for each reviewer, giving a quick overview of who’s done and who isn’t
  • Issues can be resolved via comments attached to each document
How to build in 15 minutes

We start by creating “Documents to Review” custom resource in Composer. We then add the Files feature, so we have a place to upload the documents that need to be checked. If the documents are hosted elsewhere, we can also utilize the External Links module to link them.

Then, we add Tasks to each set of documents to review. We create an automation that notifies the appropriate people when there is a new set of documents to review. Tasks are also created for the reviewers, so progress can be monitored.

Finally, by adding the Comments feature, unclarities and remarks can be handled within the context of the document set instead of via email or other channels.

Document Reviews
Other examples for this case

    For example, send out a push notification to the HR manager when a new vacation request is created by an employee; employees are emailed when the request is accepted or rejected.

    When a piece of equipment is delivered to the client, automatically alert the customer team to initiate a follow-up feedback call.

    Access over 250+ SaaS integrations via Zapier, allowing you to create extremely robust workflows that involve many different services.