Collaborate with co-workers around any business information. Bring in existing data and enhance it with any number of features. Add comments, manage tasks, upload and share files, chat with the whole team, iterate on plans. When everyone is connected via web and mobile, you’ll see productivity skyrocket.


Meetings Manager

For many companies, there’s no single place to see all upcoming meetings, share the meeting agenda, attach files and create tasks from action points.

With Composer, you can create an app for managing meetings. Since everything is customizable, you can collect just the information you need in your organization.

Example App Features

  • Create and share meeting agendas beforehand with all participants
  • Track RSVPs
  • Attach files to review for the meeting
  • Create tasks out of meeting action points
How to build in 10 minutes

We start by creating a custom resource for our Meetings. We define things like name, date and time, participants, agenda and so on.

By adding the File feature to individual meetings, everyone can upload and review files that are relevant for the meeting.

With the Tasks feature, meeting action points can be turned into follow-up tasks.

Meetings Manager
Other examples for this case

    Track progress of tasks/user stories/project deliverables.

    Collaborate on design or copy proposals with internal and external members of your team.
  • CHAT

    Add an app-wide chat to discuss ideas with the whole team.

    Create a library of general-interest links to share with the team, and get notified when new ones are added.

    Create a shared file library for your team, with mobile access.

    Collect ideas throughout the day into a collaborative inbox, add comments and create tasks.