Create a powerful intranet solution for internal company-wide communication and collaboration. Keep the whole company or division informed on company-wide announcements. Collect data from employees and keep shared knowledge and files organized. Make internal business processes flow faster by automating common tasks and workflows.

At the core, intranets are about creating, accessing and managing company-related data, as well as collaborating around that data.

You can use your Composer app just as a way to access up-to-date business information, so you have a centralized place for employee onboarding steps, company best practices, active software licenses, product manuals and so forth. Keeping things nice and organized can bring huge value, especially when all the information is accessible via web and mobile. You can also connect data from existing systems, so there’s no need to start from scratch.

You can also let your employees create and submit the data you need. With custom rich forms, employees can provide any type of relevant business data in seconds. The submitted information is instantly available in the app, with only appointed people having access. The data can be internal meeting notes, vacation requests, ideas and initiatives, feedback, internal event registrations – anything you can imagine.

To take things further, you can pick and mix from a growing library of ready-made features for collaboration and getting organized. For example, you could show upcoming internal meetings in a calendar and let people attach files and comments to them, both before and after the meeting.

Finally, you can also automate common workflows like approval processes: when input is required for the next step (such as accepting/rejecting an expense report), the right person is immediately notified via an email or a push notification.


Company Internal News

Many companies do not have an internal news channel that works well both on web and mobile. Setting up one that’s easy to use and works on both mobile and web can be cumbersome.

With Composer, creating an internal news channel is fast and easy. We can also beef it up by adding automatic push notifications that go out to all employees when important announcements are made. As with all Composer apps, you can continue extending the app to build a truly powerful internal company app.

Example App Features

  • Authorized users can post news items with rich text, links, pictures and more
  • News are browsable by all employees via web and mobile apps
  • Employees can add comments to individual news posts
  • When a news item is flagged as an important announcement, a push notification goes out to all users
How to build in 10 minutes

We start by setting up a rich form to create new postings. We then configure access rights: only users in the admin group can post, with everyone having read access.

We add the Comments feature to have separate comments for each news item.

Finally, we add an automation rule: if a post is created with the Important announcement” flag set, all users will receive a push notification.

Company Internal News
Other examples for this case

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    Add a web and mobile activity stream to make it easy to follow what's happening in the company.

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