Web Integration

Collect information from your website with embeddable custom forms: lead generation, reservations, customer feedback, contact requests and more. Access this information easily from the web and mobile app. The data is available in real-time as forms get submitted on your site. Use the incoming information to automatically create tasks, notifications and other time-saving workflows.

Composer also lets you go beyond web forms: any web service can send data into your Composer app (via HTTP POST to a secure webhook). You can then use the incoming data to e.g. trigger automatic notifications or make updates to your content.


Inbound Leads from Website

It is important to ensure that potential customers that come to your site have a clear entry point into your sales funnel. There are many services for creating embeddable web forms, but it often requires manual work to move the incoming data into your sales funnel.

With Composer, we can not only automate the incoming flow of lead data, but we can also create smart notifications that alert the correct people immediately when an especially hot lead comes through.

Example App Features

  • Create a custom web form to collect lead information from your website
  • Store incoming form data to Composer’s internal data storage for easy web and mobile access
  • Create automatic notifications based on incoming data, e.g. send a push notification to the Head of Sales when a lead has large enough budget
  • If needed, forward incoming data to other services like your CRM
How to build in 15 minutes

In our example, we want to bring in leads from our website with an embedded form.

We start by creating a new resource in Composer for Leads. We select the fields we want to collect, e.g. Name, Company, Phone Number, Budget and so on.

We then set up Composer to receive incoming data from our web form. Every time the form is submitted, a new record is created into Leads with the information provided. There’s now a centralized place for us to access all the leads that are coming in through our website.

Finally, we set up an automation rule: when a lead comes in with a budget that is over $1M dollars, a push notification is sent out to the Head of Sales.

Inbound Leads from Website
Other examples for this case

    Customers can register their products for warranty via a form on your website.

    Customers can book times and make reservations on your website.

    Collect inbound leads with an embedded web form and trigger actions based on lead characteristics.

    Allow customers to send in reclamations via your website, direct them onwards based on product category.

    Instead of email, users can contact customer support via form, with an automated follow-up workflow.

    Embed a web form on your intranet site to collect feedback from employees.